Digital and Culture Transformation

Unlocking business opportunities and generating new ideas from the outside in is the core of our approach.

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Business Model Innovation

We believe in a hands-on approach and our experts take great pride in our business model innovation workshops

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Culture Hacks & Organization Development

Fuelled by passion for people, our team of OD practitioners help organizations go through digital transformation

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Employee Enablement & Training

Our training programs span cross functional areas – strategy, sales & marketing, finance, operations, and

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Customer Engagement & Marketing

Boost your engagement by refining customer centric strategies that connects with your business visions, goals, imperatives

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Operations Optimization

We use proven methodologies to help companies optimize operational processes for efficiency and productivity gains

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Cybersecurity Consulting

Advance your cybersecurity with our full suite of cybersecurity consulting that includes digital forensics, incident response, risk assessment, data recovery as well as trainings and certifications.

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Digital Technology Advisory & Solutions

We help organizations connect their digital transformation strategy.

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Digital Execution & Deployment

Hatch Digital is a full sister company of Hungry Workhorse. Our team of project managers, architect, developers, UI/UE and creatives facilitates your transformation journey with Hungry workhorse

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Our Mission

It is our mission to help organizations create substantial business value with digital technology and innovation that delivers breakthrough business performance improvements and initiates digital transformation.

HR Executive Breakfast Forum:
Advances in Employee Engagement

Explore employee engagement barriers, challenges, and opportunities
March 20, 2019      @ WORK/WITH


Rey Lugtu
Kay Calpo Lugtu
Vincent Berdsen
Dr. Beatriz K. Tschoepke

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