Food insecurity in the Philippines

“Siling labuyo nasa P1,000 ang presyo kada kilo (Chili pepper P1,000 per kilo).” This was one of the news items that flashed in the ticker box while watching the morning news today. This is certainly not the first time this happened, and one would recall various social media posts sarcastically joking about the soaring price … Read moreFood insecurity in the Philippines

Goal setting for 2021

And just like that, 2020 is over. To be honest, 2020 came by and said goodbye very quickly. So much has happened globally that affected most aspects of our lives. We have seen activities transition to online, be it in education, retail or medical consultations and in holding learning and development training programs, among others. … Read moreGoal setting for 2021

Opportunity identification in the new normal

I recently wrote about how, in the corporate space and for those doing sales, achieving yearend targets could be a (major) breakthrough or a (massive) breakdown. With all things being equal — support on resources given, unique value proposition conveyed and other externally required factors — it becomes up to the salesman himself to go … Read moreOpportunity identification in the new normal

Sustaining disaster management practices in the Philippines

The Philippines hit the global stage again last week when Super Typhoon “Rolly” struck the country. It prompted the Incredible Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo, to tweet: “Pray for our brothers and sisters in the Philippines then get ready to send donations.” On one hand, it was great hearing from one of Hollywood’s finest actors air … Read moreSustaining disaster management practices in the Philippines

The role of the household in home education

By now, most of us may have seen several social media posts and even news on the increasing number of errors found in the modules provided by the Department of Education. From instructing students to draw 896 stars to identifying an owl as an ostrich, the list of these errors seems to grow longer with … Read moreThe role of the household in home education

Community marketing

Early last month, the Department of Trade and Industry reported that the number of online business registrations jumped to 75.876 at end-August from 1,753 in January to March 15. This underscores the pivot of many businesses, big and small, to the digital realm, driven by the behavior of consumers like you and me. Clearly, more … Read moreCommunity marketing

Community logistics

Last night’s news featured a displaced employee who is trying to earn a living through community delivery using his bicycle. Unfortunately, his bike was stolen, but a good Samaritan came along and replaced it with a new one. Similarly, a company messenger who was also sacked recently had to resort to delivering food using his … Read moreCommunity logistics