For young Filipinos, #futureofwork is farming

Agriculture used to be thought of as a heritage vocation, work that’s passed on to the next generation along with the inheritance of land and property. For the unlanded, farming is an obligation to take on big responsibilities and hard labor with minimum benefits and low returns. While it is not an exaggeration to say … Read moreFor young Filipinos, #futureofwork is farming

The business case in sustainable living

We know of a lot of businesses that have closed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Conversely, small and medium enterprises are consistently looking for new opportunities to invest in. As a matter of fact, the pandemic opened new opportunities for many of us, especially in the areas of food, logistics, and health and wellness, among others. … Read moreThe business case in sustainable living

What’s in a name

Establishing a brand name is a function of marketing. Having a good brand name is very important because many things depend on this. Companies build brands to engender recall among consumers and customers. These companies spend and invest in building these brands over time and utilize various platforms to promote. Many of these brands are … Read moreWhat’s in a name

Storytelling in marketing

In our work with various government agencies, one thing we noticed is the challenges faced in marketing a product. Sure, it has been a pleasant experience for us to discover great Filipino products, creations, and even research papers in the country. However, this also presents tremendous opportunities in marketing these not just here in the … Read moreStorytelling in marketing

The doleout culture

Last week, the Philippines saw yet another typhoon slam into the Visayas and Mindanao. Super Typhoon Rai, locally known as Odette, caused severe damage in the Caraga region, particularly in Surigao del Norte and the Dinagat Islands, and in nearby provinces such as Cebu and Bohol. Weather forecasts clearly tagged Odette as a super typhoon and precautionary measures were strongly … Read moreThe doleout culture

Digital marketing for MSMEs

Supporting local has been the battle cry for a lot of us Filipinos during this Covid-19 pandemic period. With the closure of many establishments, particularly in food and business, supporting local helps and gives our fellow citizens continued motivation and encouragement to carry on and support their own employees with sustained livelihood. It is also … Read moreDigital marketing for MSMEs