Advertising and Marketing Communications

Preparing for the next stages in evolution Part of the transformation of many business processes within an organization given the available technology capabilities is in the area of advertising and marketing. Majority of customers already imbibe digital behavior in many aspects of everyday living, and organizations look into incorporating the same digital inclusion in their … Read moreAdvertising and Marketing Communications

Understanding customers in digital banking

  By now, many Filipinos — especially the younger ones — have enrolled in a digital app or downloaded one for use, be it from any of the major banks or new entrants approved by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Digital banking reeks of convenience: pay anywhere, buy anywhere and essentially transact anywhere as long … Read moreUnderstanding customers in digital banking

Less talk, less mistake (2022 edition)

Filipinos are known to dissect every statement made by famous individuals, be they from government, entertainment or business, among others. We love to discuss these things over lunch, at family gatherings or whenever there is an opportunity to congregate and gather over food. This is why public relations (PR) thrives in the country. A PR … Read moreLess talk, less mistake (2022 edition)

Street food innovation

In line with the government’s agriculture focus to address food and national security, it is high time to talk about street food innovation and the opportunities that lie with it. A quick YouTube scan of food vlogs about Southeast Asia shows a big disparity between what is available outside the Philippines versus what we have here. Vloggers such as Mark Weins of Migrationology, Sonny … Read moreStreet food innovation