Street food innovation

In line with the government’s agriculture focus to address food and national security, it is high time to talk about street food innovation and the opportunities that lie with it. A quick YouTube scan of food vlogs about Southeast Asia shows a big disparity between what is available outside the Philippines versus what we have here. Vloggers such as Mark Weins of Migrationology, Sonny … Read moreStreet food innovation

Bringing the Philippines to the global stage

Many businesses dream of conquering the world stage, or with the global audience as its market. We see this through the many efforts of several business outfits expanding their operations not just locally but also overseas, which take many years in planning and execution. In addition, we also discover that it is not only businesses … Read moreBringing the Philippines to the global stage

Is it the Great Resignation or the Great Retention?

Post-Pandemic changes are not only being seen in consumer behavior but increasingly in the workplace as well, both from the employer and employee perspectives. If you are an HR practitioner, you probably have had employees resign when a return to office mandate was put in place, simply because they had been working from home over … Read moreIs it the Great Resignation or the Great Retention?

Sustaining digital behaviors to fuel the economy

A recent Bloomberg article stated that President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. was looking to grow the economy by 8 percent during his term. What do we know of the government’s plans to reach this growth pace, last seen in 1976 during the presidency of his late father, Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.? For one, we know of the direction to … Read moreSustaining digital behaviors to fuel the economy

Schooling in the new normal

The first executive order issued by Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte-Carpio mandates that face-to-face classes should resume on Nov. 2, 2022 for both public and private schools. The transition options provided can only be implemented up to the end of October: five days of in-person classes; blended learning modality, i.e., three days of … Read moreSchooling in the new normal

Focus and consistency win hearts

The recent national elections were an emotional activity for many Filipinos. It saw the highest voter turnout in recent history and also left many people divided and relationships strained. Social media is littered with opinions from anyone and everyone. Much has been written on what worked, what did not, and the lessons learned along the … Read moreFocus and consistency win hearts