Open finance in the Philippines

Open finance is a concept that refers to the use of technology to provide greater access to financial data, products, and services. It is based on the idea that by making financial information more accessible, individuals and businesses can make more informed decisions and participate more fully in the financial system. Open finance is an … Read moreOpen finance in the Philippines

Balancing customer experience and sustainability

In today’s world, sustainability has become a critical issue for businesses to address. With increasing awareness of climate change and environmental concerns, customers are now looking for companies that prioritize sustainability in their operations. However, sustainability alone may not be enough to ensure customer loyalty. A positive customer experience is equally crucial in retaining customers. … Read moreBalancing customer experience and sustainability

Sustainability and digital transformation

Sustainability and digital transformation are two concepts that have gained significant attention in recent times. Sustainability is “concerned with protecting the planet, halting climate change and promoting social development, without endangering life on Earth or leaving anyone behind,” as defined in Furthermore, “this concept seeks to cover our present needs without compromising resources for … Read moreSustainability and digital transformation

Inspiration versus distraction

“People are engaged because of leaders,” leadership authority and author Barry Posner said during an executive briefing I attended. Talks like this from people we look up to engender feelings of excitement, hope, and urgency to function as these stimulate our minds to think, dream, and create. This is the true essence of inspiration, which … Read moreInspiration versus distraction

Generative AI in customer experience

Generative AI, also known as generative models or generative adversarial networks, is a subfield of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating models capable of generating new data that is similar to the original input data. In other words, generative AI is the process of using machine learning models to produce novel content that is similar … Read moreGenerative AI in customer experience

Credibility, relationship, attractiveness

As the Republicans gear up for the first primary 2024 primary presidential debate, I can’t help but recall how Carly Fiorina, the former head of Hewlett-Packard and presidential aspirant during the 2015 Republican debate, shone as the more articulate and convincing than the rest of the presidential hopefuls, even hammering survey front-runner Donald Trump. She … Read moreCredibility, relationship, attractiveness

Harnessing our core competencies

In 2021, Vietnam overtook the Philippines. Vietnam’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, a measure of a nation’s economic output per person, reached $3,756.5, while that of the Philippines’ stood at $3,460.5, according to a World Bank report. By 2025, Vietnam will become third-largest economy in Southeast Asia, surpassing the Philippines and Singapore, according to … Read moreHarnessing our core competencies