The rise of hyperscalers

Suddenly, hyperscale and hyperscaler are popular terms in the lexicon of local business leaders and government officials. In fact, if you search in Google the terms “hyperscaler Philippines,” you can see more than 21,000 results mostly coming from the years 2021 and 2022. But globally, the terminologies have been widely used starting 2020 when the … Read moreThe rise of hyperscalers

The transformative mindset

“MINDSET!” This was the emphatic word uttered by senior business leaders when asked what their biggest challenge was in pursuing digital transformation or in transforming customer experience during a roundtable I hosted. Arguably, it is also the biggest enabler. That is how important mindset is. It is the first thing business leaders need to consider … Read moreThe transformative mindset

Purpose-driven technology

“What is the purpose of this technology?,” I ask my clients, referring to the specific technology they use in their organizations. Many of them would answer with “This technology’s purpose is to make our operations more efficient” or “to automate our processes” or “to increase sales.” Some would reply with “to improve user experience, may … Read morePurpose-driven technology

Customer experience transformation

Business leaders are nowadays talking about the need to be customer-centric, or the urgency to improve the customer experience. While customer experience (CX) was a buzzword even before the pandemic, it had never been at the top of the chief executive officer’s (CEO) agenda until now. Indeed, the pandemic accelerated the migration of consumers and … Read moreCustomer experience transformation