Protecting the welfare of the BPO workforce

Just recently, Quezon City Representative Alfred Vargas filed House Bill 5728, “An Act Ensuring the Rights, Welfare and Safety of the Workers in the IT-BPO industry in the Philippines,” aiming to enhance the working conditions and addressing professional development and career growth of this 1.2 million strong workforce. For an industry to be present more … Read moreProtecting the welfare of the BPO workforce

Digital-ready leadership skills

The fusion of different technologies in the digital, physical and biological spheres is disrupting businesses and organizations the world over. Commonly referred to these days as the 4th Industrial Revolution, or 4IR, this phenomenon is having a profound impact on the way we live, learn, work, and relate to each other. Thusly, leaders require certain … Read moreDigital-ready leadership skills

Yet another data compromise

News broke out globally in recent days of yet another data compromise involving Cambridge Analytica. Founded in London, Cambridge Analytica is a data analytics company that specializes in behavioral microtargeting, i.e., understanding your personality and exploiting that. The scandal involved the misuse of 50 million Facebook profiles to produce specific types of messaging in relation … Read moreYet another data compromise

The techie legislator

In one of the Congress hearings regarding the impeachment case of Chief Justice Sereno, the presence of IT consultant Helen Macasaet hired by the Supreme Court made national headlines due to the supposedly large salary she received during her tenure. In that same hearing, the head of MISO (Management Information Systems Office) was detailing the … Read moreThe techie legislator

Skills of the future

What are the skills needed in the future workplace in 2020 and beyond? This was the question I sought to answer in front of about a hundred recruiters from various companies during the RecruiTech: Recruitment and Technology Forum organized by Asia Select. While these technologies, especially AI, threatens to replace jobs through automation, certain soft … Read moreSkills of the future

The culture of digital transformation

Thousands of professionals and executives from various organizations, large and small, flocked to the recently held DIGICON 2017 to learn about digital transformation. This year’s theme, “The Culture of Digital Transformation,” is just but apropos as the people and the culture of organizations are the ones responsible for the execution of the transformation. I was … Read moreThe culture of digital transformation

Digital transformation for sustainable development

The jampacked room in the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) was in full silence when I slowly highlighted key figures for the Philippines: The Philippine economy loses of more than P357 billion ($7 billion) yearly on average from crime, corruption, and tax evasion. Metro Manila’s notorious traffic jams cost the Philippine economy at least P3 … Read moreDigital transformation for sustainable development