Strategies for the fragmented food delivery industry

It’s official: Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of preparing or cooking food and delivering it to consumers. This resulted from the prolonged quarantines in many areas and work-from-home setups of many companies, as well as the thousands who lost their jobs and set up their own business at home. Not to mention the restaurants … Read moreStrategies for the fragmented food delivery industry

What is your product’s value proposition?

The registration of online businesses in the Philippines skyrocketed to 75,876 as of September 2 from 1,753 recorded in January to March 15as more and more entrepreneurs conduct business via the internet due to strict lockdown restrictions imposed to stem the spread of COVID-19, according to the Department of Trade and Industry. These online businesses … Read moreWhat is your product’s value proposition?

Community marketing

Early last month, the Department of Trade and Industry reported that the number of online business registrations jumped to 75.876 at end-August from 1,753 in January to March 15. This underscores the pivot of many businesses, big and small, to the digital realm, driven by the behavior of consumers like you and me. Clearly, more … Read moreCommunity marketing

Effective virtual negotiations

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and its accompanying lockdowns and travel bans, businesses must continue to run. To do so, one of its most critical activities — negotiating — has moved to the virtual realm, just like most human activities ever since the pandemic struck. But depending on whether you are a seller or buyer, you … Read moreEffective virtual negotiations

Community logistics

Last night’s news featured a displaced employee who is trying to earn a living through community delivery using his bicycle. Unfortunately, his bike was stolen, but a good Samaritan came along and replaced it with a new one. Similarly, a company messenger who was also sacked recently had to resort to delivering food using his … Read moreCommunity logistics

Keeping your audience engaged in a virtual setting

It has been more than six months since the start of the quarantine. During this time, I have participated in countless virtual events, primarily as a speaker, facilitator, moderator, teacher and host, and secondarily as a participant. The number of my viewers in these events has ranged from one — like in a one-on-one virtual … Read moreKeeping your audience engaged in a virtual setting

Dual transformation: Now is the right time

The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to adopt digital transformation and change how they create, deliver, and capture value to their customers. Take, for example, Philippine fastfood giant Jollibee Foods Corp. The Nikkei Asian Review reported that the company recently announced “it will spend P7 billion ($138 million) to build discreet ‘cloud kitchens’ and a stronger delivery … Read moreDual transformation: Now is the right time

Cognitive biases during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed several irrational behaviors in people, from hoarding toilet paper and alcohol to resorting to tuob or steam inhalation to help one recover from Covid-19. Much of these had been prompted by fear, affecting how people think. But after seven months under quarantine, several cognitive biases have emerged that led to … Read moreCognitive biases during the pandemic

Mastering the new medium

“You’re on mute!”. This is going to be the phrase of the year, as people all over the world adjust to the new way of communicating and conducting business using video-conferencing tools; and indeed, people are still adjusting. In recent virtual business meeting I had, I logged in early together with another business executive. While … Read moreMastering the new medium