The evolution of digital transformation

It’s been five years since digital transformation (abbreviated as DX) reached global mainstream consciousness. We owe it to technology vendors who hyped the term in their patently self-serving motives. What have we learned from the past and what prospects are in store for companies that will embark on DX? Let’s examine the evolution of DX … Read moreThe evolution of digital transformation

Forecast and prediction

“Forecasts may tell you a great deal about the forecaster; they tell you nothing about the future.” – Warren Buffett AT the onset of every year, we always search and consume a multitude of headlines such as “Forecasting the world in 2020,” or “Predictions in 2020 and beyond.” Companies attend various seminars on economic forecasts … Read moreForecast and prediction

Strategy in the digital age

We engage a lot of companies, both local and otherwise, in helping them craft their strategy. Given the many changes happening in the market, both from traditional and digital, it is imperative that companies have the flexibility and agility to act (and react) so they can serve these changing buying and purchasing behaviors. To do … Read moreStrategy in the digital age

Competition versus collaboration

“We are competitive here,” said a senior executive of a consumer goods firm, describing the culture of competition among managers and employees of the company. He nonchalantly said it with a sense of pride, as if competitiveness is a natural trait that companies should have. Why not? Competition is in our nature. We compete against … Read moreCompetition versus collaboration

IR 4.0: The challenge of being myopic

I have written a number of articles relating to Industry 4.0 and how the Philippines can take advantage of this especially in certain industries where automation will be relevant. In particular, I shared the drivers of Industry 4.0 and also wrote about the readiness (if at all) of the country in terms of adopting technologies, … Read moreIR 4.0: The challenge of being myopic

War for talent development has begun

“The war for talent is over. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, organizations will wage a new war – a war for talent development.” These were my concluding remarks when I delivered a keynote in a national congress for human resource management practitioners. I got blank stares as the audience was trying to digest what I … Read moreWar for talent development has begun

Building a feedback culture in the workplace

By 2020, millennials will make up more than half of the entire workforce, while Generation Z will comprise more than one fifth, making these contingents the strongest force in shaping the future of the workplace. Yet, only 30 percent of millennials receive feedback regarding their job performance, despite the fact that 72 percent of employees … Read moreBuilding a feedback culture in the workplace

Tradition and nostalgia: Barriers to innovation?

“This is how we do things here which made us successful. It’s tradition.” This was what the owner of a furniture and home furnishings business replied when I asked why his workers are still using their bare hands to design, cut and saw, assemble and package, while there are already available and inexpensive technologies to … Read moreTradition and nostalgia: Barriers to innovation?

Will Filipino consumers embrace them?

In one of my talks, I asked the audience of about a hundred millennials these questions: “Who knows what blockchain is?” Ten raised their hands. “Who knows what cryptocurrency is?” About twenty. “Who knows what bitcoin is?” Almost all raised their hands. But when I asked further, the audience referred to bitcoin as a form … Read moreWill Filipino consumers embrace them?