Digital Technology Advisory & Solutions

We help organizations connect their  digital transformation strategy. A couple of days ago I was asked to join a Chief Digital Officer Roundtable in London* to discuss the many pitfalls and challenges a digital transformation brings to an organization. Looking at the program and the intended attendee list it promises to be a very interesting … Read moreDigital Technology Advisory & Solutions

Cybersecurity Consulting

Advance your cybersecurity with our full suite of cybersecurity consulting that includes digital forensics, incident response, risk assessment, data recovery as well as trainings and certifications. Operational Excellence not only means reducing the waste in your operational processes, but also to optimally align your end-to-end operations to support your overall company strategy. The Dicitas Operational Excellence … Read moreCybersecurity Consulting

Operations Optimization

Process mining is an area that not many people have heard of, but is about to hype massively in the next 12 months. Although the concept seems relatively new, some of my close colleagues have been working on this for the past 6 to 7 years. It was until quite recently that the tools supporting … Read moreOperations Optimization

Customer Engagement & Marketing

As digital technologies enable customers to be more powerful than ever, it is crucial for organizations to put their customers first when taking business decisions. To create an offering or a process and not start from the customer is nowadays rarely a good decision. Thus, when we helped our client to design their new digital … Read moreCustomer Engagement & Marketing

Employee Enablement & Training

Our training programs span cross functional areas – strategy, sales & marketing, finance, operations, and human resources. We cover both hard and soft skills in our training method. In marketing it has long been recognized that customers have very different needs and dispositions. The shift from product and service based transactional marketing to customer focused … Read moreEmployee Enablement & Training

Culture Hacks & Organization Development

Fuelled by passion for people, our team  of OD practitioners help organizations  go through digital transformation The Digital Performance Diagnostic helps organisations with their digital transformation by: Bench-marking their digital capabilities and spend against industry leaders Understanding their digital strengths and weaknesses Prioritising the areas of greatest opportunity for improvement and revenue generation Understanding the … Read moreCulture Hacks & Organization Development

Business Model Innovation

We believe in a hands-on approach  and our experts take great pride in our  business model innovation workshops Being digital and strengthening your brand in the digital space is essential to become future proof. Digital dominance helps your business to stay ahead of the competition and be the winner in your industry. For the second … Read moreBusiness Model Innovation

Digital and Culture Transformation

The key elements in our work are value  identification, tracking and navigation  towards the desired outcome Business transformation is about how companies can bridge their digital performance gap from digital strategy formulation to end-to-end digital transformation. Most companies have gained initial experience in the digital realm. They have websites, webshops, apps, social media presence and … Read moreDigital and Culture Transformation