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The Digital Dominance Benchmark

Being digital and strengthening your brand in the digital space is essential to become future proof. Digital dominance helps your business to stay ahead of the competition and be the winner in your industry. For the second consecutive year Dicitas Consulting conducted the Digital Dominance Benchmark, evaluation the digital presence and strengths of 90 brand in the Netherlands in 9 different sectors.

The Challenge

Our client faced industry challenges and digital challenges. Traditionally the Belgian insurance market runs through brokers which insurance companies use to sell their products. To grow and stay ahead of competition Hungry Work Horse proposed having a stronger focus on digital distribution. This would not only create financial benefits, but also allow the company to (digitally) collect customer data and be able to develop more targeted and personal campaigns. Changing the industry and going digital meant major changes for our client but Hungry Work Horse has been able to guide our client through each of the phases and provide support and tools to be ready for the future and change the market.

Our client needed answers to the following questions:

  • How do we establish a product strategy and evaluate strategic intent?
  • How do we get to know our customers better with the use of digital technologies?
  • How can we efficiently shape the future state of the customer and channel strategy and its requirements?
  • How can we build a plan and roadmap for the way ahead given the new priorities and demands?

The highlights of how Hungry Work Horse helped our client in the three project phases:

Digital strategy:

Assisting in the development of a high level digital vision and strategy, coherent with the new business and product strategyDefine and design a digital customer experience that supports the digital business strategyAnalyse and design customer journeys to define the future and channel requirements for diversified product offeringsA roadmap for digital developments with a clear goal, pointers on where to start and a timeline.

Digital Dominance benchmark:

The Digital Dominance Benchmark compared our client against chosen competitor brands in their industry and surroundings. By analysing our client’s digital presence across Web, Social Media, Online Video, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Apps, we provided them with very clear insights into where they stand compared to others in the digital landscape.

Customer Journey Design:

As digital technologies enable customers to be more powerful than ever, it is crucial for our client to put their customers first when making business decisions. To create a new offering or a process it is essential to start from the customer. To design their new digital landscape and strategy, we took customer journeys as our starting point to find gaps and to identify elements that the business should focus on.

Customer Journeys design starts with switching from a business thinking to that one of the customer; who are they, what do they need and what do they expect from the organization they interact with? It is important for businesses to realize that to succeed in the current digital landscape, customer needs come first, and it’s crucial to think from their perspective when designing business processes and services.

We identified and designed the customer personas together with the client, for which it is crucial that the personas together represent the whole customer base. We mapped their values, personalities and priorities very thoroughly. We designed the different touch points and channels that in an ideal world would be available to the customer. During the interactive design workshops we encourage our clients to really embrace the persona whose journey they are mapping. The processed results are clear touchpoints and channels of value, prioritized actions and activities to start supporting an ideal journey. These insights have helped our client to start their journey and to put their customers first while embarking upon a transformation.

Digital Solution design:

To implement the digital and customer strategy and the new customer journeys we designed and build the enabling capabilities:

  • Marketing and CRM technology for paid, owned and earned channels
  • Marketing processes
  • Customer journeys
  • Responsibility matrix (RACI) and sizing
  • Organization design
  • Solution requirements and RFI Process
  • Change management plan
  • Consolidated roadmap – consolidated all previous work – the way forward

The value we provide

Hungry Work Horse has been able to add significant value to our client as we have developed a comprehensive, complete and integrated strategic roadmap and all tools for the company to make the necessary steps in staying ahead of the competition and become a world class insurance firm.

Culture Hack & Organization Development

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