Cybersecurity Consulting

Advance your cybersecurity with our full suite of cybersecurity consulting that includes digital forensics, incident response, risk assessment, data recovery as well as trainings and certifications.

Operational Excellence not only means reducing the waste in your operational processes, but also to optimally align your end-to-end operations to support your overall company strategy. The Dicitas Operational Excellence practice is founded on many years of industry and business experience with which we have helped many large multinational companies improve the performance of their business operations.


Process Optimization and Business Process Management

Ideally, your demand generation and demand fulfillment capabilities function as an end-to-end integrated supply chain. Orders run smoothly and consistently through every sales channel, are efficiently fulfilled and invoices are fully paid within the agreed timeframe. However in reality, companies are facing multiple barriers that are causing value leakage.

Dicitas has developed a unique end-to-end approach  that can help you lower costs throughout your entire commercial supply chain, by increasing efficiency and effectiveness WHILE increasing customer satisfaction.


Examples of how our (Lean) Process Optimization professionals can help you optimize your operational performance:

  • Process mining and optimization
  • Customer journey mining
  • Business Process Management Operating Model Design
  • Design reference processes
  • Develop and Set-up KPI/PPI frameworks
  • Measure continuous process performance and maturity
  • Create improvement plan and Business Case
  • Initiate and perform continuous improvement initiatives


Project Examples:

  • Design of a multi-channel digital strategy
  • Design and set-up of a Global Business Process management department
  • Design and execution Global Market  to Cash business process optimization program
  • Design Model Finance Organization Finance Shared Services (Order to Cash)
  • Design and project management Global common ERP  template implementation and deployment program
  • Design of a Global Supply Chain business process optimization program
  • Design, set-up and execution of a global performance measurement and improvement program   (KPI’s and PPI’s)

Digital Business Operations

Digital technologies like Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, “Connected Everything”, Social and Automation, force companies to rethink their business model. These digital technologies provides opportunities for growth and performance: Revenue, results and resources build momentum for digital business. An important aspect in adopting digital is digitalizing business operations.

Several trends are forcing companies to implement digital strategies to improve agility, reduce costs and boost speed and responsiveness:

  • Customers (incl B2B) have become digitally savvy

  • Increasingly complex and global Supply Chains

  • Rise of the green agenda

  • Increasing commoditization

  • Growing infrastructure costs

Many companies started building digital capabilities either in IT, customer services or commerce and however digital offerings expanded over time, they left digital solutions to remain siloed. Lack of an integrated digital operating model leads to missed opportunities for operational efficiencies and revenue growth, less customer engagement and lower competitiveness. With our in depth experience and knowledge of digital technologies and their application in digitally mature operations, we can help you to further optimize your business performance.

Project examples:

  • Cloud –  Real-time monitoring and alerting: Remote monitoring and assistance through real-time monitoring of potential safety hazards and alerting of employees

  • Analytics – Predictive maintenance and monitoring: Real-Time (remote), predictive and mobile asset monitoring and maintenance

  • “Connected Everything” –  Supply Chain CollaborationCo-development with suppliers, 24/7 real-time insight in logistics, predicting and preventing bottlenecks

  • Mobile –  Knowledge management and R&D: Integrated and real-time knowledge sharing across multiple geographies/markets

  • Social –  Monitoring and analyzing online/social behavior: Digital lead generation and qualification

  • Automation – Digitally interacting with your customers: Digital ordering, self-billing, e-invoicing, order tracking, etc.

Digital Technology Advisory & Solution

We help organizations connect their digital transformation strategy. Using the best-of-breed of technologies stretched over back-end and front-end solutions, as well as cybersecurity, analytics, and modern apps.