Customer Engagement & Marketing

Customer Journeys

As digital technologies enable customers to be more powerful than ever, it is crucial for organizations to put their customers first when taking business decisions. To create an offering or a process and not start from the customer is nowadays rarely a good decision. Thus, when we helped our client to design their new digital landscape and strategy, customer journeys were our starting point to find gaps and to identify elements that the business should focus on.

Our approach to Customer Journeys starts with switching from a business thinking to that one of the customer; who are they, what do they need and what do they expect from the organization they interact with? It is important for businesses to realize that to succeed in the current digital landscape, customer needs come first, not those of the business.

We always start with identifying customer personas together with our clients, and here it is crucial that the personas together represent the whole customer base. We map their values, personalities and priorities very thoroughly. Once this is done, we plot and create the different channels that in an ideal world would be available to the customer. These workshops are very interactive, and we encourage our clients to really embrace the persona whose journey we are mapping. The processed results of such a workshop are clear touchpoints and channels of value, prioritized actions and activities to start supporting an ideal journey. These insights have helped our clients to start their ride and to put their customers first while embarking upon a transformation.

Business Model & Innovation

We believe in a hands-on approach  and our experts take great pride in our  business model innovation workshops