Digital trade: A new era in globalization

One purported casualty of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic is globalization. Headlines abound about it: “The Post-Coronavirus World May Be The End Of Globalization,” “Globalization is Dead,” “Coronavirus Could Mean the End of Globalization.” For instance, the World Trade Organization WTO) warned that global trade could fall by up to a third due to … Read moreDigital trade: A new era in globalization

The rise of community commerce

TinaPay Online, which delivers neighborhood bakery favorites to communities in Manila, was born in the early days of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). It partnered with Grab riders from the neighborhood, and now it’s earning P7,000 on a good day on deliveries alone, reports. The Community Market was rolled out in cities in Metro … Read moreThe rise of community commerce

War for talent development has begun

“The war for talent is over. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, organizations will wage a new war – a war for talent development.” These were my concluding remarks when I delivered a keynote in a national congress for human resource management practitioners. I got blank stares as the audience was trying to digest what I … Read moreWar for talent development has begun

Building a feedback culture in the workplace

By 2020, millennials will make up more than half of the entire workforce, while Generation Z will comprise more than one fifth, making these contingents the strongest force in shaping the future of the workplace. Yet, only 30 percent of millennials receive feedback regarding their job performance, despite the fact that 72 percent of employees … Read moreBuilding a feedback culture in the workplace

Why a company needs a purpose

A group of nearly 200 chief executives of corporate America, including the leaders of Amazon, Apple, Pepsi, and Walmart, recently convened and redefined the role of business in society and how they are perceived by an “increasingly sceptical public,” as reported by The New York Times. These companies comprise the Business Roundtable, a lobbying organization … Read moreWhy a company needs a purpose

Revisiting your vision and mission

“The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again,” said the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau during the World Economic Forum gathering. We have never seen a world as volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous as it is now. Technology is progressing at break-neck speeds, giving rise … Read moreRevisiting your vision and mission

Of fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency

Driven by advances in and adoption of cloud technologies, big data, Internet-of-Things, and artificial intelligence, fintech has reached mainstream By now, fintech has reached widespread stature amongst professionals and ordinary people due to the heavy use and promotion of local banks investing in it, the accelerated growth of start-ups playing in this space, and the … Read moreOf fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency

Corporate innovation strategies

I get to speak in a lot of innovation summits organized by companies wanting to infuse innovation into their culture, processes, and business models. The singular question I get from a C-level executive is – “How do we institutionalize innovation in our company?” Corporate innovation is a hot topic nowadays in boardrooms and management committees, … Read moreCorporate innovation strategies

Governance in the design and use of new technologies

Technology is becoming a key component of many organizations nowadays as a response to disruptions coming from start-ups and other emerging competitors. This is compounded by the emergence of the “true digital native consumers,” the Generation Z, who were born wielding and using only digital tools. But technology is not perfect. In March 2018, the … Read moreGovernance in the design and use of new technologies