Critical thinking and social engineering

Nowadays it is no longer difficult to conduct background check on anyone, given the sheer amount of information available online and the tools that come in handy. One does not need to technically hack or gain unauthorized access to platforms in order to obtain sensitive information about a person. There are many ways to execute … Read moreCritical thinking and social engineering

Digital Influencing

The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica fiasco involving the personal data of up to 87 million users, which purportedly helped elect President Donald Trump, underscores the influencing power of social media in decision-making by bombarding targeted social media users with hyper-specific appeals. Such methodology is what I call “push digital influencing” – that is, information of … Read moreDigital Influencing

Digital-ready leadership skills

The fusion of different technologies in the digital, physical and biological spheres is disrupting businesses and organizations the world over. Commonly referred to these days as the 4th Industrial Revolution, or 4IR, this phenomenon is having a profound impact on the way we live, learn, work, and relate to each other. Thusly, leaders require certain … Read moreDigital-ready leadership skills

Vulnerabilities of our techno-laden world

Almost a quarter of a million stock market online investors’ personal data may have been stolen by hackers, as reported by the country’s largest online stockbroker, COL Financial to the National Privacy Commission on October 20. The company informed its clients that its computers were subject of a “possible breach” and further advised them to … Read moreVulnerabilities of our techno-laden world

New synergies in conglomerates

SM Investments Corporation (SMIC) recently acquired a substantial stake in the Philippines’ largest logistics provider 2GO Group Incorporated, intensifying the new arena of competition among the country’s conglomerates – logistics. This move is part of SMIC’s strategy to address the emergence of e-commerce, which is a brewing threat to the mall’s foot traffic, at the … Read moreNew synergies in conglomerates

What is digital transformation?

While waiting for a colleague in a quiet Makati restaurant, I overheard a conversation between a technology vendor and a senior executive of a consumer goods firm. The latter was obviously pitching its products and services to the business executive for the prospective customer’s company to achieve “digital transformation.” The executive insisted that he has … Read moreWhat is digital transformation?