Why customer experience is everything

At the onset of the pandemic last year, companies hurriedly shifted their business models to digital by setting up e-commerce and online platforms. Great example of digital transformation; or so we thought. For instance, one large grocery chain set up an online ordering system which my wife started to use. She would visit the grocery portal, … Read moreWhy customer experience is everything

Cyber pandemic: A rising global threat

In every crisis there is opportunity, as the old adage goes, even for unscrupulous people. This especially applies to the coronavirus pandemic, which has opened opportunities for hackers to prey on distracted peoples and organizations in many countries. In fact, the World Health Organization has urged people to be vigilant about this as early as … Read moreCyber pandemic: A rising global threat

Managing credit and collection during the pandemic

Collecting accounts receivables (A/R) is the lifeblood of any business, but the global recession has placed tremendous pressure on business operations. Many are struggling to stay afloat while others have completely shut down operations, which makes A/R collection challenging. A 2020 global study by CRIBIS Dun & Bradstreet revealed a deterioration in business customers’ punctual … Read moreManaging credit and collection during the pandemic

Forecasting in uncertain times

One senior executive of an organization pronounced during a planning session I was involved in that “one assumption for our 2021 plan is that we can have face-to-face engagements with consumers and customers by the fourth quarter.” This assumption was plugged into the 2021 financial budget. Last month, news about a more contagious strain of … Read moreForecasting in uncertain times

Shifts in food production and consumption

“I don’t take salt due to my condition.” “Can you omit onions and garlic in my order as I do not consume those?” “What can you feed me given that I have to avoid high-tyramine foods?” These are just some of the conversations I have with people who place their orders with A Plate of … Read moreShifts in food production and consumption

The biggest business lessons of 2020

“The coronavirus will peak in March and will die down in April.” These are the unanimous pronouncements from a medical doctor and an economist when I attended a business lunch seminar in early February 2020, about the prospects on the coronavirus. I must admit that it was comforting to hear those words from experts, exactly … Read moreThe biggest business lessons of 2020

Opportunity identification in the new normal

I recently wrote about how, in the corporate space and for those doing sales, achieving yearend targets could be a (major) breakthrough or a (massive) breakdown. With all things being equal — support on resources given, unique value proposition conveyed and other externally required factors — it becomes up to the salesman himself to go … Read moreOpportunity identification in the new normal