The data-driven executive

Dashboards have become fashionable in recent years due to advances in data analytics and how processed data is presented and visualized to help business executives in making decisions. They have become a critical and important resource for organizations to improve their profitability, enhance customer experience, and look for opportunities to make operations efficient. This have … Read moreThe data-driven executive

Fintech and financial inclusion

Fintech has been abuzz the last couple of years now. It’s fashionable for executives in the financial sector as well as in others to talk about this subject in business conversations. For those unfamiliar with the term, it is a portmanteau of financial technology to describe the emerging financial services sector that use technology and … Read moreFintech and financial inclusion

What is digital transformation?

While waiting for a colleague in a quiet Makati restaurant, I overheard a conversation between a technology vendor and a senior executive of a consumer goods firm. The latter was obviously pitching its products and services to the business executive for the prospective customer’s company to achieve “digital transformation.” The executive insisted that he has … Read moreWhat is digital transformation?