Three phases of business transformation

We are moving into the third year of COVID-19. For businesses and their customers, it has been a journey of shock, adjustment, and adaptation. We have observed three phases of how organizations transformed in response to changes in their customer and consumer behaviors during the onset of COVID-19 up to the present.   The first … Read moreThree phases of business transformation

Storytelling in marketing

In our work with various government agencies, one thing we noticed is the challenges faced in marketing a product. Sure, it has been a pleasant experience for us to discover great Filipino products, creations, and even research papers in the country. However, this also presents tremendous opportunities in marketing these not just here in the … Read moreStorytelling in marketing

Rise of the distributed enterprise

As we were entering the third year of the pandemic, the world saw renewed lockdowns as Omicron cases doubled every day since December 2021. This made business leaders rethink how work will evolve in the coming months. Last year, businesses were preparing for some degree of stability as they prepared for hybrid work arrangements, putting … Read moreRise of the distributed enterprise

Valuation of digital transformation

Which of the following would be more valuable to the organization: (1) investing in a new e-commerce site or (2) investing in some automation software that could improve the company’s procurement processes? This is a question I pose to business leaders when they pursue digital transformation. The common answer is investing in a new e-commerce … Read moreValuation of digital transformation

Digital marketing for MSMEs

Supporting local has been the battle cry for a lot of us Filipinos during this Covid-19 pandemic period. With the closure of many establishments, particularly in food and business, supporting local helps and gives our fellow citizens continued motivation and encouragement to carry on and support their own employees with sustained livelihood. It is also … Read moreDigital marketing for MSMEs