Active listening in virtual conversations

As we move towards the eighth month of the pandemic and quarantines in many parts of the world, we would think that by now people have gotten used to virtual meetings; apparently far from it. Still, many people that I meet virtually keep their cameras off during the entire duration of the meeting. While many … Read moreActive listening in virtual conversations

The role of the household in home education

By now, most of us may have seen several social media posts and even news on the increasing number of errors found in the modules provided by the Department of Education. From instructing students to draw 896 stars to identifying an owl as an ostrich, the list of these errors seems to grow longer with … Read moreThe role of the household in home education

Strategies for the fragmented food delivery industry

It’s official: Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of preparing or cooking food and delivering it to consumers. This resulted from the prolonged quarantines in many areas and work-from-home setups of many companies, as well as the thousands who lost their jobs and set up their own business at home. Not to mention the restaurants … Read moreStrategies for the fragmented food delivery industry

What is your product’s value proposition?

The registration of online businesses in the Philippines skyrocketed to 75,876 as of September 2 from 1,753 recorded in January to March 15as more and more entrepreneurs conduct business via the internet due to strict lockdown restrictions imposed to stem the spread of COVID-19, according to the Department of Trade and Industry. These online businesses … Read moreWhat is your product’s value proposition?

Effective virtual negotiations

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and its accompanying lockdowns and travel bans, businesses must continue to run. To do so, one of its most critical activities — negotiating — has moved to the virtual realm, just like most human activities ever since the pandemic struck. But depending on whether you are a seller or buyer, you … Read moreEffective virtual negotiations

Keeping your audience engaged in a virtual setting

It has been more than six months since the start of the quarantine. During this time, I have participated in countless virtual events, primarily as a speaker, facilitator, moderator, teacher and host, and secondarily as a participant. The number of my viewers in these events has ranged from one — like in a one-on-one virtual … Read moreKeeping your audience engaged in a virtual setting

Cognitive biases during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed several irrational behaviors in people, from hoarding toilet paper and alcohol to resorting to tuob or steam inhalation to help one recover from Covid-19. Much of these had been prompted by fear, affecting how people think. But after seven months under quarantine, several cognitive biases have emerged that led to … Read moreCognitive biases during the pandemic

Mastering the new medium

“You’re on mute!”. This is going to be the phrase of the year, as people all over the world adjust to the new way of communicating and conducting business using video-conferencing tools; and indeed, people are still adjusting. In recent virtual business meeting I had, I logged in early together with another business executive. While … Read moreMastering the new medium

Post-pandemic technology trends in the developing world

The pandemic has truly disrupted our lives, organizations, and nations. Work-from home, social distancing, and quarantines have become the new normal. With the bleak prospect of a universal vaccine in the foreseeable future, the World Health organization and nations are already singing the same song – we have to learn to co-exist with the coronavirus. … Read morePost-pandemic technology trends in the developing world

The changing role of the educator

I have been teaching in the graduate school level for the past seventeen years. I have seen the evolution of elearning from its early stages in 2000, as I was also one of its early adopters when mobile internet speed was at 100 kbps level. I have also witnessed how resistant teachers were during those … Read moreThe changing role of the educator