Technology strategy

There is a growth in the appointment of chief digital transformation officers (CDTO) and chief digital officers (CDO) with the responsibility of charting the technology roadmap of an organization. While there are nuances in the role, these are similar to the traditional chief technology officers (CTO) that are responsible for formulating the technology strategy of … Read moreTechnology strategy

Leadership through organizational forgiveness

A spate of layoffs among big tech firms and Wall Street giants are breaking the news all over, amid rapid interest rate hikes and weak consumer demand. Companies like Amazon, Walt Disney, Facebook-owner Meta and American banks are forced to trim their workforce to control costs. More than 150,000 workers from tech firms were laid … Read moreLeadership through organizational forgiveness

The wisdom of partnership

Faced with pressure on all fronts to compete in a global economy characterized by lower entry barriers, specialized and fragmented markets, and technological developments, a growing number of companies are pooling resources to bring better products and services to market in a faster, more flexible and more efficient manner. Through these collaborative arrangements, companies hope … Read moreThe wisdom of partnership

Advertising and Marketing Communications

Preparing for the next stages in evolution Part of the transformation of many business processes within an organization given the available technology capabilities is in the area of advertising and marketing. Majority of customers already imbibe digital behavior in many aspects of everyday living, and organizations look into incorporating the same digital inclusion in their … Read moreAdvertising and Marketing Communications

Trends in international trade & cross-border ecommerce

With the continued Russia-Ukraine conflict, disruptions in supply chains, and spiraling inflation, 2023 promises to be tougher for most businesses, investors, and consumers globally. But opportunities abound in market volatility, technological shifts, and cross-border ecommerce growth.   We have culled eight trends for businesses to watch heading into 2023. Trend 1: When it comes to … Read moreTrends in international trade & cross-border ecommerce