The transformative mindset

“MINDSET!” This was the emphatic word uttered by senior business leaders when asked what their biggest challenge was in pursuing digital transformation or in transforming customer experience during a roundtable I hosted. Arguably, it is also the biggest enabler. That is how important mindset is. It is the first thing business leaders need to consider … Read moreThe transformative mindset

Purpose-driven technology

“What is the purpose of this technology?,” I ask my clients, referring to the specific technology they use in their organizations. Many of them would answer with “This technology’s purpose is to make our operations more efficient” or “to automate our processes” or “to increase sales.” Some would reply with “to improve user experience, may … Read morePurpose-driven technology

Customer experience transformation

Business leaders are nowadays talking about the need to be customer-centric, or the urgency to improve the customer experience. While customer experience (CX) was a buzzword even before the pandemic, it had never been at the top of the chief executive officer’s (CEO) agenda until now. Indeed, the pandemic accelerated the migration of consumers and … Read moreCustomer experience transformation

The importance of core values

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, the MIT Sloan School of Management studied how corporate culture and values changed and impacted top US companies by examining employee perceptions. Researchers found out that average culture and values ratings across Culture 500 companies “spiked during the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic in the US … Read moreThe importance of core values

Is it the Great Resignation or the Great Retention?

Post-Pandemic changes are not only being seen in consumer behavior but increasingly in the workplace as well, both from the employer and employee perspectives. If you are an HR practitioner, you probably have had employees resign when a return to office mandate was put in place, simply because they had been working from home over … Read moreIs it the Great Resignation or the Great Retention?

HCM excellence in the banking industry

First-Half earnings reports are out for banking industry players, and the top 10 banks have posted net income growth of 30- to 80-plus percent. More consumers and businesses are availing of loans, investing in securities, and transacting with banks. The industry is enjoying the fruits of accelerated digital transformation investments. The two-year pandemic-induced hiatus compelled … Read moreHCM excellence in the banking industry

Why the Philippines needs futures thinking

Now, the problem we are facing as a country is sugar. The Philippines has been teetering on a sugar shortage issue in the last few months following the sector’s missed production target due to weather disturbances and high input costs. There are talks to have the sugar industry liberalized to open it to importations. Not … Read moreWhy the Philippines needs futures thinking

The future of marketing research

It was an opportune time to speak in front of marketing researchers during a Marketing and Opinion Research Society of the Philippines Inc. meeting as the profession is faced with shifts in consumer behavior, technology, data, and how companies and brands respond. What will marketing research look like in 2030? The field involves the systematic gathering, recording and … Read moreThe future of marketing research