Nuclear versus renewables debate

The incoming administration has expressed support in revisiting nuclear energy for the Philippines, specifically by reviving the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. President-elect Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. (BBM), in a press conference last week, reiterated his support for nuclear energy, hailing it the “cleanest and cheapest” source of energy. Together with Vice President-Elect Sara Duterte, he … Read moreNuclear versus renewables debate

Purpose, mission, vision, and values

Times have changed indeed. After more than two years of the pandemic, business will never be the same. Customers have been used to utilizing digital channels to buy and use products; but at the same time, they look for physical interactions. Employees want to continue the hybrid model of working. Competitors are aplenty, as more … Read morePurpose, mission, vision, and values

How to innovate your product or service

In the last two years, we have witnessed the accelerated migration of organizations and consumers to digital platforms and services. This resulted in the growth of digital transactions in shopping, payments, logistics and others. The recent easing of restrictions, however, has propelled consumer yearning for physical buying experiences. E-commerce firm Shopify observed last year that … Read moreHow to innovate your product or service

Marketing lessons from the May 9 elections

The post-election dust has almost settled and new national leaders will soon be proclaimed. As a marketing practitioner and teacher, I can’t help but synthesize what marketing practices can be learned from the election campaigns. The concepts are, in general, the same. Candidates are “products” who need to be marketed in order to be “bought” … Read moreMarketing lessons from the May 9 elections

Focus and consistency win hearts

The recent national elections were an emotional activity for many Filipinos. It saw the highest voter turnout in recent history and also left many people divided and relationships strained. Social media is littered with opinions from anyone and everyone. Much has been written on what worked, what did not, and the lessons learned along the … Read moreFocus and consistency win hearts

Digital customer experience in financial services

Even before the pandemic, the financial services industry was under a state of disruption, with the entry of Generation Z or the digital natives in the market. But the challenges in customer experience (CX) in traditional banks have been highlighted at the onset of the pandemic in 2020 when there was limited physical movement. In fact, … Read moreDigital customer experience in financial services