Modern workplace

The Senate recently approved Senate Bill No. 1363 or the Telecommuting Act of 2017, authored by Senators Joel Villanueva and Cynthia Villar, with the aim of encouraging companies to establish “work-from-home” programs to allay traffic congestion in Metro Manila and other urban areas. It defines telecommuting as the partial or total substitution of computers or … Read more

Design thinking

“We will soon see a plethora of jobs that currently do not exist,” I told millennial employees of Asia Select Inc, a human capital company, quoting one of the predictions of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on the future of jobs. These are jobs that robots cannot perform, such as garbage designers, those that find … Read more

What is digital transformation?

While waiting for a colleague in a quiet Makati restaurant, I overheard a conversation between a technology vendor and a senior executive of a consumer goods firm. The latter was obviously pitching its products and services to the business executive for the prospective customer’s company to achieve “digital transformation.” The executive insisted that he has … Read more