Active listening in virtual conversations

As we move towards the eighth month of the pandemic and quarantines in many parts of the world, we would think that by now people have gotten used to virtual meetings; apparently far from it. Still, many people that I meet virtually keep their cameras off during the entire duration of the meeting. While many … Read moreActive listening in virtual conversations

The role of the household in home education

By now, most of us may have seen several social media posts and even news on the increasing number of errors found in the modules provided by the Department of Education. From instructing students to draw 896 stars to identifying an owl as an ostrich, the list of these errors seems to grow longer with … Read moreThe role of the household in home education

Community marketing

Early last month, the Department of Trade and Industry reported that the number of online business registrations jumped to 75.876 at end-August from 1,753 in January to March 15. This underscores the pivot of many businesses, big and small, to the digital realm, driven by the behavior of consumers like you and me. Clearly, more … Read moreCommunity marketing

Community logistics

Last night’s news featured a displaced employee who is trying to earn a living through community delivery using his bicycle. Unfortunately, his bike was stolen, but a good Samaritan came along and replaced it with a new one. Similarly, a company messenger who was also sacked recently had to resort to delivering food using his … Read moreCommunity logistics

Post-pandemic technology trends in the developing world

The pandemic has truly disrupted our lives, organizations, and nations. Work-from home, social distancing, and quarantines have become the new normal. With the bleak prospect of a universal vaccine in the foreseeable future, the World Health organization and nations are already singing the same song – we have to learn to co-exist with the coronavirus. … Read morePost-pandemic technology trends in the developing world

Recession and unemployment in the digital age

By now most businesses and employees have already shifted their processes online: how one communicates, sells, closes and delivers goods and services are, more or less, done digitally now with minimal or no manual intervention required. There are two key things we need to consider when it comes to what is happening in the country … Read moreRecession and unemployment in the digital age

Building rapport and trust in a virtual setting

Hundreds of millions of people are now using videoconferencing tools daily to virtually meet and discuss business, attend webinars or just connect with people. For instance, one such tool, Zoom, reported an average of 300 million participants meeting on its platform every day. Business is now primarily conducted through these tools to meet prospective clients … Read moreBuilding rapport and trust in a virtual setting

The changing role of the educator

I have been teaching in the graduate school level for the past seventeen years. I have seen the evolution of elearning from its early stages in 2000, as I was also one of its early adopters when mobile internet speed was at 100 kbps level. I have also witnessed how resistant teachers were during those … Read moreThe changing role of the educator

Behavioral shifts

Last week, The Manila Times held its 2020 Midyear Economic Report online forum, with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Governor Benjamin Diokno as keynote speaker and with Hungry Workhorse moderating the event. One of the reactors was Fernando Antonio Tansingco, senior executive vice president for financial markets of the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. In his presentaton, he … Read moreBehavioral shifts

Managing communities

One of the new segments that have come out of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic and its resulting lockdown is the community. Through this segment we have discovered community commerce, community barter and similar community-related activities that allow for trade and commerce to still exist, even if consumers are confined to their homes. There is … Read moreManaging communities