Cyber resiliency in the PH fintech industry

Fintech services are leading digital adoption in the Philippines. Driven by work-from-home arrangements, distance education and social distancing protocols, more Filipino consumers are purchasing and paying online, and sending money digitally to others. This is evidenced by a 37-percent annual increase in PESONet transactions to P502 billion last year, according to the Bangko Sentral ng … Read moreCyber resiliency in the PH fintech industry

Nuclear versus renewables debate

The incoming administration has expressed support in revisiting nuclear energy for the Philippines, specifically by reviving the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. President-elect Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. (BBM), in a press conference last week, reiterated his support for nuclear energy, hailing it the “cleanest and cheapest” source of energy. Together with Vice President-Elect Sara Duterte, he … Read moreNuclear versus renewables debate

Marketing lessons from the May 9 elections

The post-election dust has almost settled and new national leaders will soon be proclaimed. As a marketing practitioner and teacher, I can’t help but synthesize what marketing practices can be learned from the election campaigns. The concepts are, in general, the same. Candidates are “products” who need to be marketed in order to be “bought” … Read moreMarketing lessons from the May 9 elections

Focus and consistency win hearts

The recent national elections were an emotional activity for many Filipinos. It saw the highest voter turnout in recent history and also left many people divided and relationships strained. Social media is littered with opinions from anyone and everyone. Much has been written on what worked, what did not, and the lessons learned along the … Read moreFocus and consistency win hearts

Understanding the ‘masa’

“I don’t understand; my FB friends are all ‘pink.’ Why did we lose?” “I don’t understand why Robin Padilla won.” These are just some of the posts that I see in my social media feeds. Most of the posters, however, are professionals living comfortable middle- to upper-class lives. Why does understanding the Filipino masses remain an … Read moreUnderstanding the ‘masa’

Digital transformation in the banking space

I moderated a regional virtual event a few weeks ago that gathered executives in the banking space to discuss and share learnings in their organizations’ digital transformation journeys. We heard insights from executives in Malaysia and India and were also lucky to have the pleasure of hearing from Philippine bank executives. The banking experience in the … Read moreDigital transformation in the banking space

Cryptocurrency goes mainstream

The year 2021 has been touted by experts, analysts, and enthusiasts as the year cryptocurrency went mainstream. Why? Because the blockchain-powered digital asset drew about $30bn from venture capitalists in 2021, more than in all previous years, according to a Bloomberg report. Even the US Senate Republican Policy Committee recently headlined in its website “Cryptocurrency … Read moreCryptocurrency goes mainstream

For young Filipinos, #futureofwork is farming

Agriculture used to be thought of as a heritage vocation, work that’s passed on to the next generation along with the inheritance of land and property. For the unlanded, farming is an obligation to take on big responsibilities and hard labor with minimum benefits and low returns. While it is not an exaggeration to say … Read moreFor young Filipinos, #futureofwork is farming