Dual transformation: Now is the right time

The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to adopt digital transformation and change how they create, deliver, and capture value to their customers. Take, for example, Philippine fastfood giant Jollibee Foods Corp. The Nikkei Asian Review reported that the company recently announced “it will spend P7 billion ($138 million) to build discreet ‘cloud kitchens’ and a stronger delivery … Read moreDual transformation: Now is the right time

Changing customer behaviors amid COVID-19

Suddenly, everyone is going digital. Companies are implementing work-from-home, moving to cloud computing, upgrading their networks and applications, and adopting e-learning and videoconference practices. Banks are fastracking their digital banking offerings. Hospitals are doing telemedicine. Universities are incentivizing their teachers to develop online courses. Small and medium enterprises are putting up their websites and exploring … Read moreChanging customer behaviors amid COVID-19

Will Filipino consumers embrace them?

In one of my talks, I asked the audience of about a hundred millennials these questions: “Who knows what blockchain is?” Ten raised their hands. “Who knows what cryptocurrency is?” About twenty. “Who knows what bitcoin is?” Almost all raised their hands. But when I asked further, the audience referred to bitcoin as a form … Read moreWill Filipino consumers embrace them?

The future of organization dev’t and HR

I get invited by a lot of companies to talk about future jobs. Increasingly, many business leaders and even employees are raising concerns about what jobs lie ahead and what necessary skills are needed to adequately prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). The fusion of different technologies in the digital, physical and biological spheres … Read moreThe future of organization dev’t and HR