Hungry Workhorse can run workshops for your company. Our focus is to assist organizations in innovating their business strategies through the following models below.

Strategic Planning

With the unexpected shift in the economy brought by Covid-19, how will you plan for the future? The traditional approach to strategic planning, a yearly exercise for organizations, will not be as effective due to the new normal. That’s why strategic planning also needs to adapt.

Hungry Workhorse is offering Strategic Planning in these uncertain times.

It is a new approach involves mining the collective wisdom and experience of the participant’s to craft innovative strategies and tactics.

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Consultative Selling

Are you in the insurance, banking, real estate space, or in any other industry that requires face to face selling?

With the new digital reality, one of the challenges faced is for sellers to do their virtual selling online and with impact.

Hungry Workhorse can run the Virtual Consultative Selling workshop for your organization.

Innovative Thinking

Expand your knowledge on innovation mindset, innovation compass, the S-curve, and the types of innovation to sustain significant changes in your company.

Hungry Workhorse can run the Innovative Thinking workshop for your organization.

By the end of this course, you should be able to evolve your skills in building an innovation mindset, implementing innovation ideas, and enabling creative problem solving.

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Design Thinking

For business leaders, managers, and professionals wishing to gain practical know-how on the principles, process and tools of Design Thinking, Hungry Workhorse can run a workshop for you.

Learn how to deploy design thinking to improve the services that you offer and make them more intuitive, expansive and human-centric.

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Digital Transformation Master Class

Earn your own Master Class Certificate in Digital Transformation and understand these steps in Digital Transformation planning:

1. Step 1 – Prework
.     * Digital Maturity
.     * Industry and Competitive Drivers
.     * Identification of Customer Persona
.     * Identification of Black Swan/Grey Swan event

2. Step 2 – Revisit Vision, Mission, Values, and Purpose
3. Step 3 – Digital Transformation Framework
4. Step 4 – Current Business Model Canvas
5. Step 5 – Competitive Position Canvas
6. Step 6 – Customer Journey Map
7. Step 7 – Employee Experience Map
8. Step 8 – Scenario Mapping
9. Step 9 – Identification of Strategies and Tactics
10. Step 10 – Prioritization of Strategies and Tactics
11. Step 11 – Value Proposition Canvas
12. Step 12 – Future Business Model Canvas
13. Step 13 – Technology Road mapping
14. Step 14 – Culture Transformation


Dual Transformation: Quick wins and Future-Proofing your Organization

This is also an alternative way of conducting the strategic planning for your organizations. Click on the button below and fill up your details.

What is digital transformation?

While waiting for a colleague in a quiet Makati restaurant, I overheard a conversation between a technology vendor and a senior executive of a consumer goods firm. The latter was obviously pitching its products and services to the business

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