Network Transformation

Hungry Workhorse invites you to an afternoon of learning network efficiency like never before

Business move at the speed of software. We see this every day across all types of businesses. Retailers need instant inventory updates from multiple cloud-based applications. Meanwhile, a factory makes automated decisions based on real-time data from cloud ERP systems, which are in turn increasingly reliant on third party systems across the supply chain. Everything, it seems, is application driven. All the time and we need application-specific networking that supports the pace of business.

As Gartner stated: “Businesses must change how they design, build and operate networks to deliver the required agility.”

The agility enabled by modern application development practices has been central to rapidly accelerating innovation and digital transformation. However, traditional networks and connectivity models were not designed to support the modern application environment, adding complexity to deployments, slowing time-to-market, and stifling innovation.

Businesses are moving to the cloud and modern application topologies for agility and simplicity, but the problem is legacy networking restricts businesses to the complexity of telcos, private dedicated circuits, non-performant VPNs and custom hardware. Building a VPN infrastructure is not agile, simple and cost-effective when you need to securely and reliably deliver modern applications across cloud, mobile, SaaS and IoT.

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Reynaldo (Rey) Lugtu
Digital & culture transformation thought-action leader

A veteran business executive and entrepreneur with several years professional experience gained from the information and communication technology industry.

Kapil Barman
Pre Sales Lead APAC

Kapil has over 10 years of experience in the IT & Telecom industry. Over the years supported various teams in Tata Communications. Responsible for developing and nurturing APAC Netfoundry pre sales. Holds a Bachelor degree in Technology and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (Fore School of Management, New Delhi and ESC Rennes, France).