The Hungry Workhorse Partner Network represents a focused and energetic group of innovators that truly understands the impact digital transformation can bring.


Together with Ramco, we work on
Human Capital Management and ERP.

We collaborate with Selfdrvn for successful Employee Engagement Platforms

Partnering up with Wizzard Technologies benefits in Human Resource Information System, University Information System, Wizzard Accounting System, Barangay Information System, Cooperative Accounting System, Information Kiosk System, Point of Sale System

Our partnership with Uncubix is focused on Software Development

Together with Eywa Media we collaborate for a successful Cross Screen Audience Engagement and Experience Platform.

Our partnership with Wireless Services Asia connects us to Splunk Operational Intelligence Solutions, Internet of Things (IoT) & Industrial Data Security and Compliance, Anti-spam and traffic control, MarkLogic Database for Integrating Data from Silos, Enterprise Wireless Network Enterprise Mobility Management and Chatbots

Our partnership with Algoheim brings a expertise in Data Visualization and Optimization

Our partnership with Digital Shield connects us Digital Forensics, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing and Forensic Examination and Incident Response

Digital & Cultural Transformation

The key elements in our work are value identification, tracking and navigation towards the  desired outcome and program Governance Excellence to ensure the right people take the  best decisions. We also focus on empowered PMO (Project Management Office) which  allows Project Managers to focus on their managerial work but also deliver leadership with  insights to ensure the program is on the right path.