Hungry Workhorse Announces Partnership with NetFoundry in Southeast Asia

Hungry Workhorse Announces Partnership with NetFoundry in Southeast Asia

The technology of NetFoundry™ enables lightning, ultra secure and agile international internet speed to Cloud (AWS, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP etc), private networks and hybrid networks.

NetFoundry’s software provides secure, resilient packet routing across multiple internet connections to top optimize delivery of software, Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT). Hungry Workhorse’ customers can enroll and benefit and connect HQ and branch offices into the Hungry Workhorse NetFoundry Network or in a private network.

"It is like you have a private internet line directly to where your data is stored or being generated, imagine the cost-reduction of staff operating software applications, no need to have an MPLS or just streaming 4K video connections between your offices, the possibilities are endless".

The NetFoundry technology enables enterprises and SMEs to easily set-up a network without the need for any hardware. It’s agile, meaning that it can be set-up in a few minutes and be used exactly as the company needs it.

The partnership of Hungry Workhorse and NetFoundry provides increased flexibility for the customers of both companies seeking to deliver performance, reliability and security across the Enterprise, over the Internet and to the cloud.

This one and a half minute video explains how NetFoundry is the perfect solution in any Network Transformation challenge: